More than 15 million users worldwide trust in the reliable protection of Spybot. And this is no coincidence at all: Spybot has gained several awards. The product combines first-class detection rates and ease of use with a top performance that protects your computer.
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Downloads: 16,843,390
Publisher: PepiMK Sof
File Size: 16.40 MB
Spybot is a software that helps you protect and monitor your PC. Spybot is a comprehensive, easy to use spyware program, designed to offer reliable spyware protection to home-users only. Spybot constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs (such as  Trojans, backdoor programs, hoaxes, worms, diallers etc.), monitoring every action executed by the user or by the operating system and being able to react promptly when a malicious program is detected. Actions include repair, delete, block, rename and quarantine programs or files. Spybot also features enhanced protection against unknown boot-sector issues, issuing alerts for boot sectors suspicious formats. Through the permanent update of the detection engine, the protection is ensured constantly: the user can set the product to download any updates when available, thus keeping you clean and safe....
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